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You will thank me when you learn why you should not buy fancy visitors to your site

You will thank me when you learn why you should not buy fancy visitors to your site

In fact, I noticed a lot of people selling "buy visitors" services. I noticed that many of my dear brothers were impressed by the service that some people call wonderful and they bought it. Did not you ask my brothers before purchasing this service? Visits to you and you do not have a buck link or a link on a site? Did not you wonder about the source of these visitors and are they real? If they are not real, have you ever wondered what damage they will cause to your sites and blog?

Unfortunately, profit gains and greed are becoming more common. Most bloggers think that by buying 100,000 visitors for $ 5, they have done smart work and will win them a lot on the Google Adsense platform. They will reach their goal and take the lead on global search engines, but unfortunately not They know that they are harming themselves and their sites (their sites are blocked from Google, and their account is closed).

What you should know about phantom visits:

1. Increase profits on Adsense:
Always remember, my brothers, these visits will not bring you any profit because these visitors are not useful because they are just about a potter and they will not click on any ad you have.

2. Improve the ranking of the site on Google:
Google is the number one search engine in the world and has enough tools to analyze your site statistics, analyze the content of your sites, track the visitor's impact to reach the result of whether the visitor is imaginary or not, and all this will give a picture Bad for your site at Google and will be classified as an unreliable site and therefore a loss only.

3 Alexa Rank Reduction:
Yes, your sites will be downgraded to Alexa but only briefly after the visits you have purchased will increase your site again at Alexa because Alexa is running a daily metrics of visits. In this case, your site will be considered Spam by Google.

You see where we have been and where we are, so the thought you thought you will lose a lot of time and money and you will not get anything just a failure and permanent deterioration of your site, do not forget my friends to share the subject on social networking sites to benefit others.

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