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The most powerful and best Chinese program to delete the password

With intense competition among programmed companies
For Android phone management software, many companies have added new features to their phones to make their programs more user-friendly and more powerful for Android users. The Shuame application has already been distinguished from the other Android phone management software with two basic features: breaking the lock protection and tweaking the phone. Here are some of the features that have become somewhat traditional on all Android phones, including a backup copy of the phone, synchronization of images, etc.
Unfortunately, this program does not support the English language, it is only available in Chinese, but the program is one of the most powerful programs to get and break the protection of Android phones with the certificate of many platforms and foreign sites. So I'll try to explain to you how to manage the program step by step:
First Download the program:
Download the program is very easy, although the site does not support the English language, but it is enough after you find the site in the post link below and click on the icon with the arrow pointing to the bottom as shown in the picture:

Unfortunately, the program does not support English, so with a personal effort I tried to search for a translation of the graphical interface from these images. It is enough to see these images to know where you will click on the program (source images of the famous XDA devloppers site)

First, connect the phone, after the program spills and run, you must click on the icon in the green where it is translated in the image below (you will find it in a program in Chinese)

Truly the Shuame developers have been able to understand and understand the trends of Android phone users, the latter who are looking for solving complex problems on their phone in simple ways. Unfortunately, the software company does not offer an English version of the program. This may be because of the old hostility between China and America. Therefore, we may encounter some programs that impose the Chinese language instead of launching the program in other languages. If you like the program and want to translate its content in full, Picture of all windows program.

Download : SHUAME

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