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The Google News Initiative from Google starts in Africa

Google announced the launch of its new initiative, Google News Initiative, which aims to raise the level of journalism, integrate new thinking and curricula into newsrooms and commit itself to working with publishers to build a strong level of journalism.
A Google official said that this initiative is about strengthening the spirit of challenge among publishers to increase readers' interaction. During the conference, new and unique ways to monetize this initiative were announced in partnership with Google Group of Companies, adding that the press sector is undergoing a major transformation It focuses on research on other ways of earning, making it easy to subscribe to newsletters via smart devices.

The Google representative in Egypt said that Google is expanding its scope and influence to support publishers who achieve results and profits by using contributions or membership. He also added that technology is not the only solution, Google needs more thoughtful publishers and a deeper understanding of the needs of readers and build new capabilities. Adopting a culture of the participant and this requires methods and commitments.

Last year, Google trained more than 300,000 journalists online and from around the world on digital tools to reach 5 million journalists around the world by 2020, making international partnerships with many fact-finding institutions and newsrooms. $ 25 million in support of news organizations around the world and in partnership with AutoMatic and www.wordpress.com to build a fast and secure publishing system designed specifically to support publishers and small newsrooms.

These are just steps from Google to build a future and a strong level of journalism and a far-reaching vision will not be possible without cooperation between Google and publishers from around the world.

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