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After the Trump decision .. Google and Intel are major

The impact of Trump's recent decision on China's Huawei seems to be continuing, and will greatly affect the future of the Chinese company and the use of its equipment across the world.

US President Donald Trump signed a new resolution last Thursday banning US technology and telecommunications companies from relying on communications equipment manufactured by foreign companies that could pose a threat to US national security, led by Huawei. America.

It is clear that the repercussions of the recent US decision are beginning to appear publicly, through the commitment of major US technology companies to boycott Huawei, the Chinese company, which is first in the decision of Google, according to Reuters, Google decided to cancel the contract to exploit the Android license between Google and Android , Which means that Huawei's phones are unable to obtain major service updates on Android, YouTube, PlayStore and others, which means Huawei's end on Android, and relying on a copy of its own that was developed in anticipation of the problem similar.

On the other hand, according to press reports parallel to the number of US technology giant specialized in the supply of Huawei Bahahitha has in turn stopped the supply of Huawei based on Trump's decision.

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